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SWE National Membership

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 National membership makes you eligible for national and regional conferences, scholarships, officer and chair positions, Team Tech participation, and discounts to our best events! Plus everyone who joins gets a FREE T-shirt! Questions? Contact Amy Xu at

For more details on how to sign-up, go here.

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Meet Our Officer Board

President: Grace Pakeltis                      

As president, I am in charge of planning our section's attendance at both the National and Regional Conferences. I am also here to make sure all the committees are able to run the SWAwesome events they want to. My goal for next year is to continue to grow our membership as well as have events that our members will benefit from.

External Vice President: Shreya Santhanam

The EVP is in charge of communication and establishing relationships between companies and SWE. Throughout the year, the EVP will host info sessions with companies and also coordinate companies to come for SWE’s general meetings.

Internal Vice President: Lara Flasch

As IVP, I hope to work closely with all of the Officers to be a resource and support system for them! I hope to help the Officer Board form into a cohesive, encouraging, and collaborative group of leaders who will continue to make our section the welcoming and successful organization that it is.

Treasurer: Lauren Zelaya

My vision as treasurer is to provide all of our SWE members financial access to host our wonderful events and improve the quality of SWE happenings.

Secretary: Ashley May                           

As Secretary, I will be keeping archives of all the events we hold this year, and draw on the things we have achieved to apply for awards for our section.

Community Service: Kaylin Moy

The Community Service Committee is all about giving back to the Champaign-Urbana community! I hope that this year SWEesters will have to opportunity to give back in ways that are meaningful to them.

Team Tech: Devashri Nagarkar & Abby Pakeltis 

Team Tech gives SWE members the opportunity to work on an engineering project with a company. On this committee, you will gain experience in researching and developing an efficient and cost effective product or system while participating in professional conference calls and emails. This year the committee will focus on developing a successful project while dedicating time to offer tech talks to expand the technical and professional skills of all SWE members. 

Recruitment: Amy Xu

The Recruitment Committee focuses on getting more people to join the largest RSO on campus! ;) We prioritize helping SWE members find their place through connecting with upperclassmen mentors and attending fun diversity events. We are also in charge of planning the biggest annual recruitment event, Little Sisters Weekend.

Information: Katherine Chung

The Information Committee is responsible for documenting SWE events through pictures and video and making sure that SWE members are well informed about all events happening. Our job is to make SWE information easily accessible and get important information to all members as efficiently as possible.

Marketing: Iris Chen

The Marketing committee is focused on expanding SWE at Illinois's reach, both on and off campus. We're in charge of SWE's social media presence, as well as helping word get around about the upcoming events that are being held.

 Webmaster: Pranathi Gummadi

As Webmaster, I focus on keeping SWE members involved through the website.

Professional Liason: Ambika Dubey

Professional Liaison is the bridge between undergrads and what lies beyond. Whether that be grad school, or full time, research or industry, we provide the mentorship and resources that empower undergraduates to reach where they want to be.

Outreach: Abbie Gerth & Molly McGiles

Outreach is all about getting girls of all ages to be excited about STEM majors by leading them through hands-on activities and introducing them to professors, professionals in the field, SWE members, and other volunteers. This year, we really want to reach out to girls in every age group, start forming a SWENext program, and increase our general member involvement.

Membership Enrichment: Benita Ning & Katerina Economou

The Membership Enrichment committee is all about planning special events pertaining to personal development among SWE members. From inner-tube water polo at the ARC, self-defense courses, professional development opportunities, and other workshop series, we do it all! This year members can look forward to a wide variety of events throughout the semester.

Social: Jackie Letzter

The purpose of the Social committee is to foster a cohesive community through social events and gatherings. SWE members develop a sense of community and belonging at social events.

Fundraising: Lucy Dunderman & Stephanie Wang

You can't spell fundraising without FUN! Our committee is focused on raising funds for our section, which is becoming crucial for our survival amidst no state budget, through different events and activities where our members can gain leadership experience and bond with other members!

 GradSWE Director: Ceci Klauber

The GradSWE committee is committed to providing specialized programming to meet the social and professional needs of graduate students (though undergrads are always welcome!). Our vision includes continuing to provide excellent resources and forums for collaboration and support through our lunch seminars and weSTEM conference, increasing participation with outreach and the undergrad SWE, and engaging with international students and diversifying our membership. 

Nominating Committee: Chamila Amithirigala, Lydia Hsu, & Vivian Wong

The Nominating Committee is dedicated to finding great leadership to continue running SWE. We're so excited to meet new members this year, and we're looking forward to seeing this year's officer board grow and develop as leaders!